Raymond was a new Texas Hunter and he decided that since he wore boots and a Stetson all the time, he should own a horse. He heard about an old Mexican man who had a horse for sale and gave him a call. The old man said the horse was well broken, gentle enough for his grandchildren to ride, and that he wanted $250 for him. Suspiciously, Raymond said, "$250 isn't much for that kind of horse. What's wrong with him?" The old man said, "He don't look so good."

Because the price was right, Raymond decided to go over and take a look at the horse. The old Mexican man took him out to the corral and there was a teenage granddaughter leading a good-looking bay gelding around with a piece of baler twine and 3 little kids on his back. Raymond had seen enough... he slapped leather, peeled off $250 in cash before the old man could raise the price, and included $20 extra for delivery.

The next morning, the gelding was in his corral. He went out, saddled him up, and rode down to the creek... where the bay immediately walked off the creek bank. As they fell 5 feet into the water, Raymond bailed off and watched in dismay as the horse got up, ran down the creek until he bounced off a big boulder, took a left and hit a tree dead-on and then stood there, shaking.

The hunter realized the horse was blind. He led the horse home, unsaddled him, went to the house and immediately called the old Mexican man. "Why didn't you tell me that the horse was blind?" he demanded. The old man said, "I did, Senor. I told you he don't look so good."

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