Perry: Shooting rifles 'is my golf'

By Erica Wisniewski 09/29/11 11:08 AM ET


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) might not play golf, but he does have another hobby he finds “relaxing” in his spare time: shooting sniper rifles.

The Republican presidential hopeful released a Web video Wednesday featuring his favorite pastimes: target practice with sniper rifles and running.

“Well, I don’t play golf; this is my golf,” Perry said referring to shooting sniper rifles at LaRue Tactical, a weapons manufacturer in Texas.

The video entitled “What to Do on a Day Off” shows Perry jogging on trails and in neighborhoods throughout Texas.  Perry talks about his enthusiasm for running and spending time with his two dogs, a black Labrador retriever and dachshund, which the governor refers to as a “wiener dog.” 

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